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Date addend: 04/11/2013     Tags: vegetables, fruits, healthy food, cereals,
Agrol Company Ltd commenced its operations in 1996. Since the outset of its existence, for 16 years, our company has remained faithful to its mission, that is satisfying the customers\' needs.
Date addend: 06/05/2013     Tags: black energy, energy drink,
Black Energy Drink is an alcohol-free, fizzy drink designed for adults in periods of intense mental and physical exercise. Pasteurized drink.
Date addend: 09/03/2017     Tags: MLEKPOL, DAPPLED \"Łaciate\", CHEESE, MILK, BUTTER,
Dairy Cooperation MLEKPOL in Grajewo - the largest producer of milk and dairy products in Poland. MLEKPOL\'S products are created in 12 modern production plants. DC MLEKPOL\'S offer consists of: UHT milk and cream, butter, ripened cheeses, mozzarella cheese, processed cheeses and cream spreads, milk and whey powder.
Date addend: 10/05/2010     Tags: pots, dishes, ceramics, pottery, household goods,
Ceramic plants „Bolesławiec ”. We are a producer of traditional Bolesławiec ceramics. We offer ceramics by hand produced of natural raw materials decorated into the decorations characteristic of the region. Not only a beauty of the handicraft product and an original style, but also a best quality and a functionality are characterizing our dishes.
Date addend: 06/07/2010     Tags: hotel mattresses, covers, hospital mattresses, frames, mattresses,
The largest Polish manufacturer of mattresses. We are one of the leading manufacturers of mattresses in the country. Excellent service, materials and professional advice enable our clients sleep peacefully. The solutions we propose are based on many years of experience and observation. Our mattresses are currently the most wanted and practical in the market. This concerns durability, ergonomics, patterns and possibility of modification.
Date addend: 28/03/2010     Tags: Bars, chocolates, Pralines, toffees, cokies,
The Solidarnosc Confectionery Company, one of the leading Polish confectionery manufacturers, was founded in Lublin in 1952. Combining the traditions of chocolate making with the latest management techniques has enabled the company to take its well earned position as one of the leaders in this highly competitive market. Pralines, an important segment of the Polish confectionery market, constitute a significant group of products manufactured by our company. The ultimate quality of products, reached through modern manufacturing technology and our own unique recipes are the most important asset of the company. Solidarnosc products are distinguished by a variety of flavours as well as colourful product marketing, combining aesthetic and eye-catching artwork. There is the multiplicity of shapes and packaging available, ranging from boxes of chocolates, through to ballotions, bags and displays.
Date addend: 31/03/2010     Tags: car care products, cleaners, household chemicals, washing liquids,
Gold Drop Sp. z o.o. seated in Limanowa, Poland, was established in 1991. The company specializes in production of cleaners. The product offer includes a wide range of cleaning products divided in following categories: dishwashing, floor cleaners, glass cleaners, professional products, cosmetics and car cosmetics. The offer also includes air refresheners, soaps, sponges, cloths/dusters and pumices. The products’ quality, performance and packages meet the world standards. Manufactured from top-quality materials, they are thoroughly checked on every production phase. Gold Drop products help keep every household clean and tidy
We operate on the Polish market and abroad.
Date addend: 03/04/2010     Tags: confectionery, spices, cookies, wafers, chocolate,
We are a strong capital group of confectionery manufacturers operating under the brands Jutrzenka, Goplana, Kaliszanka and the firm Ziołopex. The combined experience, technologies and manufacturing potentials of the cooperating firms has enabled us to achieve the position of one of the largest confectionery manufacturers on the Polish market (12%) and gain a strong position on the spices market. Over 2,000 employees working in the factories in Bydgoszcz, Poznań, Kalisz and Wykroty produce approximately 250 types of confectionery products, spices, delicacies and tea every day.
Date addend: 10/02/2014     Tags: Disposable packaging, cups, cutlery, plastics,
Producer of disposable packaging for food products, disposable plates, cutlery, cups.
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