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Date addend: 15/08/2018     Tags: diary, milk powder,
The A-Lima-Bis Ltd. company has been operating for over twenty years. During those years we have been focused on production and delivery of machinery and equipment for dairy farms and industry including equipment for milk collecting, storage and processing. Moreover, our company is the main supplier of membrane systems and technology for many industrial branches and a producer of high quality whey powder.
Date addend: 05/05/2016     Tags: piston compressors, compressors, screw compressors, pneumatics, compressed air,
The WAN company – a Polish manufacturer of compressors operating in this field since 1950 – offers you professional screw and piston compressors. Our experience and use of state of the art solutions from the pneumatics field give us the ability to create the highest quality machinery which guarantees its reliability. Our offer is directed to big production plants as well as small workshops.
Date addend: 11/02/2016     Tags: generating sets, single-cylinder diesel engines, water pumps,
Andoria-Mot Sp. z o.o. is a company which activity dates back to 1945 when it began manufacturing agricultural machinery and later on diesel engines. The first engines were single-cylinder: S60,S320,S231, S301 as well as 1CA90 and 2CA90(2 –cylinder). Based on the engine S320 it produced also units with: 2, 3 and 4-cylinder which were used in production of power units and generators.
Date addend: 02/04/2014     Tags: flour mills, food processing machinery,
Flour mill design and construction. Product portfolio: plane sifters, square plansifters, sieve screens, grit winnowers, technological lines, food processing machinery, drum separators, wind sifters, selectors, trieurs, mixers, mill assembly and installation, construction of systems with special requirements, equipment for mills, cleaning machines, machinery engineering, air locks, conveyors, cyclone filters, humidifiers
Dolzamet -Chains factory one of the fundamental producer of driving roll, agricultural, leaf, special and conveyor chains in Europe.
We operate on the Polish market and abroad.
Date addend: 16/10/2012     Tags: Cylinder liner, Pin, Piston, Poland,
ZŁOTECKI company exists since 1972. We have began our business activity with the automobile repair services. In mid-80\\\'s of the 20th Century, in result of the economic transformation going on in Poland, decision was made to start production of combustion engine parts. Great interest shown by our customers and growing demand for the manufactured parts contributed to the rapid development of our company. Permanent investing in the development and in the quality improvement of the manufactured products resulted in the decision to start production of the precision and important engine parts such as engine pistons. The lightning development in the piston production demonstrated the direction for our company’s development. Today, pistons for combustion engines are 90 percent of our sales.
Date addend: 16/03/2012     Tags: Mowers, plows, utilities, machines, agricultural,
SaMASZ was created in 1984. Thanks to our constant development we have become the biggest Polish agricultural and utility machines producer, and one of the leading European producers.
Date addend: 16/01/2012     Tags: Pasteurizers, homogenizers, processing tanks, heat exchangers,
The Spomasz factory specializes in designing, manufacturing, integration and assembly of equipment and technological lines for: dairies, ice-cream, ketchup, mayonaise, juice, chocolate, cookies and animal food producers. For the construction industry we manufacture plate and pipe heat exchangers and warm water containers.
Date addend: 28/11/2009     Tags: piston rings, spare parts, engine parts,
WCS MAR-MOT Sp. z o.o. from Września is a supplier of piston rings and other spare parts to different kinds of vehicles, machines and equipment. The company has many years of experience in piston rings manufacturing. The company’s current offer includes piston rings for passenger cars, tractors, industrial engines, compressors and hydraulic devices.
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