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ALL FOR YOU is a company which sells building materials ranging from concrete blocks and ending at the finish house. In our offer you can search through thousands of companies that offer a variety of materials. We are also importing goods for special orders of our customers and searching for the best deals in order to achieve full customer satisfaction.
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LUXIMA SA is a manufacturer of lighting fixtures. The company was founded in 1998. From the beginning, it is linked to the production of light, and its products are sold both domestically and internationally.
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JATECH is a Polish producer of innovative LED luminaires with very high luminous efficacies.
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Creating effective and innovative LED lighting, we focus on customer needs. User satisfaction, improve their conditions of life and work is our mission. Qualified staff, more than twenty years of experience in the field of lighting, successes in last five years in the market of LED lighting are the advantages that we offer to our partners.
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Horpol is a company with 30 years of experience. It has existed since 1979. We produce lamps and reflective equipment for trucks, lorries and cars. We are a leading producer of automobile lamps in Poland and Europe. Our products can also be found in many European countries.
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FAMOR S.A. is well known Polish manufacturer of complete range of low voltage distribution equipment as well as lighting and signalling equipment for vessels to home and foreign markets for over 50 years. We offer reliable, modern and energy-saving products. Obviously, our manufacture has been constantly changing adjusted to increasingly customers demand.
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We provide our customers with modern and andvanced illumination technologies, especially for difficult working enviroments, like high probability explosion zones. Our offer includes a wide range of casings for a multitide of applications.
Date addend: 03/04/2011     Tags: illumination, lighting, decorative luminaires,
LUG Light Factory is one of Europe`s leading manufacturers of system solutions in professional lighting. LUG`s business model is based on expertise and more than 20 years of experience, so that through comprehensive counseling, testing needs of customers and audit requirements, develop and deliver innovative, energy-efficient architectural and industrial lighting.
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LARS company was founded in 1984 by Andrzej Szymanski. Initially, its business was based mostly on gas heating systems, but after two years the company has expanded its activity with lighting. The experience of the company’s owner regarding automation and heating areas made it possible to start designing and manufacturing of AURATON temperature controllers and shortly afterwards pump controllers (formerly known under the brand Euroster). Over the years the company\\\'s offer has been enriched with lighting tests and measurements services. LARS is also distributor of BLV company products – halogens, metal-halogens and IV and IR radiators.
Date addend: 02/12/2009     Tags: surge current limiters, earting/grounding, transformer accessories,
Bezpol is a company with over 15 years of experience in production of accessories for the energetic industry. Nowadays the company specializes in manufacturing of surge current limiters, earthing systems, transformer accessories (TOGA, MK connectors, connector covers), cable, lineal and station accessories. The company’s products have all the required certificates and attestations. The company has been awarded with numerous prizes and distinctions (e.g. at the ENERGETAB fair) for its innovational technologies and the high quality of products.
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