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Date addend: 22/02/2017     Tags: fittings, faucets, showers, bathroom accessories,
FERRO Group is one of the largest manufacturer of sanitary fittings and installations in the Central and Eastern Europe region. It offers its customers a wide range of faucets, showers, bathroom accessories and water system elements. All products are of high quality and received a number of awards and certifications - both foreign and domestic.
Date addend: 05/08/2016     Tags: bathroom equipment, washbasins, kitchen equipment, Granite sink,
Wagran LLC is a young and dynamically developing company. Since its establishing in 2007 the company aspires to become the leader in the granite sink manufacturers’ market.
Date addend: 12/01/2016     Tags: Shower-trays, linear shower drains, building tools, spirit levels,
More than 35 years of our experience in production means high quality, innovation and reliability of products. We are a leader in production of modern systems for bathtubs’ and shower-trays’ building as well as acrylic trays and bathtubs according to authorial technologies: Stabilsound® and Stabilsound Plus®. The essential element of the company’s activity is production of building tools – spirit levels, steel squares.
Date addend: 25/09/2015     Tags: surfaces, glaze, tiles, Furniture,
Vinderen Ltd. has been present on the market since 2003 and from the very beginning is connected to the interior design.
ALL FOR YOU is a company which sells building materials ranging from concrete blocks and ending at the finish house. In our offer you can search through thousands of companies that offer a variety of materials. We are also importing goods for special orders of our customers and searching for the best deals in order to achieve full customer satisfaction.
Date addend: 17/11/2014     Tags: Furnishings, furniture accessories, knobs, door- handles, handles,
GAMET S.A. is the indisputable leader in the domestic market for decorative furniture and building accessories.
Date addend: 28/01/2014     Tags: plastics, thermal insulation, roofing, industrial constructions,
KOELNER company is the leading manufacturer and distributor of fixings for construction and industry sectors in Poland and the leading manufacturer of fasteners in Europe.
Date addend: 11/03/2013     Tags: Ducts, fittings, air handling units,
The company was established in 1977 and currently is a leading manufacturer of products for ventilation and air conditioning systems in Poland. The company product offer includes: spiral tubes, ducts and fittings, diffusers, grills, kitchen hoods, laminar airflow hoods etc. For production the company uses standard galvanized, aluminium, stainless steel and copper. The company has big and flexible machine park. It specializes in complex systems for the pharmaceutical industry, food processing, shipbuilding and hospitals, offices, shopping malls and cinemas.
Date addend: 01/02/2012     Tags: Profiles, corner tiles, construction batten, PVC, aluminium, construction profiles,
The JS company began producing profiles and battens for construction in 1999. Since the beggining the company has concentrated on expanding the production process with special attention on quality. Thanks to modern managing, constant equipment modernization and experienced staff we have been successful in acheiving our goal – a diversified and stable offer of profiles and construction additives.
Date addend: 16/01/2012     Tags: varnishes, foams, plaster, glues, adhesives, Sealants,
For over 20 years LAKMA has been the one of the largest Polish manufacturers of construction products. The company offers high quality and innovative products, that adhere to international norms. We also offer competetive prices. We are very flexible to meet our clients’ individual requirements.
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