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Since 1999 mdh offers innovative medical solutions for orthopedics and rehabilitation.

Our offer includes: cervical, trunk, limbs orthoses, wheelchairs, walkers and mobility&support equipment, standing frames, crutches and canes, anti-bedsore equipment, diagnostic and preventive shoes for children. We work according to the norms ISO 9001:2000, ISO 13485:2003, ISO 14001:2004, PN-N-18001:2004.

After gaining a strong position on the Polish market, MDH has successfully developed export sales to Ireland, UK, Romania, Greece, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Turkey, Belgium, Netherlands, USA, as well as to Lebanon and United Arab Emirates. High quality of products is ensured by our team of designers that improves products according to the latest developments in technology and medical knowledge. Currently, our offer includes four brands:

-Viteacare: rehabilitation equipment (manual and electric wheelchairs, walkers, anti-bedsore equipment)
- Parapodium: standing frames with Dynamic parapodium which allows patients with paraplegia to move independently.
- Orthoses Qmed: Qmed Active Line made with advanced technology with high-quality knitting yarns with lycra and Qmed Silver Line-functional line with aesthetic neoprene.
- Footwear Memo System, the only prophylactic footwear for children, which allows control and initial diagnosis, use of liners helps in correcting foot defects. Footwear Memo Active is intended mainly for children with cerebral palsy.

Contact details

Katarzyna Hetka-Bielska
Export Director

0048 42 212 32 08
0048 42 674 04 99

Aneta Seraficka
Area Export Manager

0048 42 212 32 08
0048 42 674 04 99
+48 695 120 704

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