Fabryka Materacy Janpol Sp. z o.o.
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The largest Polish manufacturer of mattresses. We are one of the leading manufacturers of mattresses in the country. Excellent service, materials and professional advice enable our clients sleep peacefully. The solutions we propose are based on many years of experience and observation. Our mattresses are currently the most wanted and practical in the market. This concerns durability, ergonomics, patterns and possibility of modification.

Janpol Mattress Factory produces the highest quality mattresses from the best materials in the market. We cooperate with the largest furniture showrooms in Poland. Moreover, we equip hotels, guest houses and other institutions. We are very active in the hospital market and we participate in many public tenders. Our main asset is a very wide range, the flexibility to adapt to the customer’s needs, high quality products and competitive prices.

Contact details

Tomasz Goc
Sales Director

0048 32 218 09 00
0048 32 218 09 10
+48 518 022 867

Marta Leśniowska
Sales Manager

0048 32 218 09 01
0048 32 218 09 10
+48 518 022 871

Company address

ul. Cynkowa 2a
43-180 Orzesze