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The University of Social Sciences and Humanities (SWPS) is one of the most important and renowned higher education institutions in Poland offering top-quality education since 1996. The main Faculty is located in Warsaw while the rest is in Poznań, Wroclaw, Katowice and Sopot.

In our campuses we offer interdisciplinary degree programs for over 14,000 of our students. We offer full-time and extramural undergraduate and graduate programs in Psychology, Modern Languages, Sociology, Law, Journalism, Cultural Studies, Political Science, International Relations. SWPS is the only private university in Poland that has been granted the right to award both post-doctoral degrees in Psychology and Cultural Studies and PhD degrees in Psychology, Sociology, Cultural Science and Law.
Our students have an opportunity to expand their horizons by not only deriving knowledge from prominent people, but also by going abroad as a part of exchange programs that we offer. They can choose among Europe, Turkey, Korea, China, and the US. SWPS is a genuinely international centre of learning. We not only send our students on exchange programs, but also welcome those who decide to study in Poland.

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