Dolzamet -Chains factory one of the fundamental producer of driving roll, agricultural, leaf, special and conveyor chains in Europe. We started our productionin 1946 and from that time up to today, ourfactory is closely connected with metal industry. Since 1986, we have been specializing in production of different kind of chains, which still is the fundamental activity of our firm. We began a broad comprehended production of other steel items in 2007.

Our products and services are applied in industries such : automotive, defense, machine, agricultural, wood and building. We have been providing services relative to surface tratment, plastic working, heat treatment, thermal – chemical treatment, industrial wasching and ainc plating and producing of steel constructions.

Own machinery stock and research laboratories allow to make assessment of quality of manufactured products. The compy with PN, ISO, DIN and ANSI standards. The factory possesses the ISO Standard Quality System ISO 9001:2000 and it was given NATO Commercial and Government Entity Code ( NCAGE).

Costumers, cooperating parties, salesman and other concernrd are invited to take use of our offered products and services that ensurereliable operations of machines and facilities with low expenditures.

We are able to take custom orders accordingto your own technical specification and wishes.

Dolzamet Co.Ltd possesses free capability and enough space to store large goods in our warehouse and on our area. We are open for constructive offer from other branches, as well.

Contact details

Tomasz Zygiel
Export manager

0048 76 81 88 201
0048 76 81 88 855
+48 530 518 000

Monika Kozellek
Export Manager

0048 76 81 88 201
0048 76 81 88 855

Company address
ul.Fabryczna 1.
59-225 Chojnów Chojnów