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Logret was founded in 1970 in France. We are one of the main players in the international sea and air freight market, with 190 offices worldwide and agents in over 65 countries. We specialize in comprehensive logistical projects, storage and distribution services, oversize cargo and multiple delivery management.
Logfred started its activities in Poland in 2011. We have offices in Warsaw, as well as offices and agents in Gdynia, Szczecin, Poznań, Łódź, Wrocław and Kraków. AK-SPED is our strategic partner. It has a vast 15-year experience in temperature-controlled transport. They have their own modern fleet of dozens of refrigerator trucks.
Logfret is more than just freight transport. We maintain our contacts with clients, subcontractors and employees on a high and partner-like level. Our goal is to provide innovative, fast, effective and personally tailored solutions that give our clients real benefits. We achieve this goal thanks to our professional and individual approach to all our clients, as well as our dedicated and competent employees, vast experience in the worldwide shipping market and implementation of modern technologies that ensure the safety of all transported products…. because it’s more than just goods in a box.

Contact details

Piotr Dryglas
Managing Director

+48 22 33 20 887
+48 22 33 20 987
+48 606 225 100

Łukasz Raczkowski

+48 22 33 20 888
+48 22 33 20 889


Company address

Al. Krakowska 106
02-256 Warszawa