CDRiA Ltd. (CDRIA Pipeline Services Ltd.)
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Since 1998 CDRiA Ltd. (CDRIA Pipeline Services Ltd.) has been conducting R&D and offers diagnostics’ tools using UT-ILI method, used in oil and gas pipelines’ inspections and water-pipes’ inspections. CDRiA conducted inspections of more than 16000 km of pipelines using the UT-ILI method. The green leaf in our logo symbolizes our care about the protection of the natural environment. CDRiA belongs to the PERN capital group.

• Internal In-Line Geometry using the Kalibrak tool
• Ultrasonic metal loss In-Line Inspection using the Korsonic intelligent pig
• Ultrasonic crack detection In-Line Inspection using the Cracksonic tool
• XYZ Mapping by means of diagnostic tools equipped with an Inertial Measurement Unit based on Fiber Optic Gyro technology
• Predicting corrosion risk using statistic methods
• Interactive visualization by means of software designed for inspection data analysis and visualization

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