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The WAN company – a Polish manufacturer of compressors operating in this field since 1950 – offers you professional screw and piston compressors. Our experience and use of state of the art solutions from the pneumatics field give us the ability to create the highest quality machinery which guarantees its reliability. Our offer is directed to big production plants as well as small workshops.

The production programme includes:
- Screw compressors with capacity range between 3 – 75 kW and nominal pressure up to 15 bar. Thanks to the use of renowned producers’ components (including the screw module of German company ROTORCOMP) the WAN compressors guarantee long useful life, high power efficiency and work safety. All of our compressors are available also with inverters while models up to 15 kW can be mounted on pressure vessels.

- Piston compressors are created based on self-designed pump S1-P36. The compressor operated by a 3kW engine provides efficiency of 15-20 m³/h and pressure 6-10 bar. It is aggregated with Polish pressure vessels of 120-140 liters. Cast iron, low-speed compressor is still widely used in small production plants, vulcanization workshops as well as technical installations eg. water treatment plants. Our customers who has used this type of compressors since a couple of years appreciate its failure-free operating during intensive exploitation .
We complement our trade offer with a system for compressed air treatment based on driers and network filters made by European manufacturers. We also offer compressed air levelling vessels from 100 up to 30 000 liters and pressure up to 40 bar. We approach every client individually and we try to meet his expectations.

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Grzegorz Gałeczko
Comercial Director

+48 58 622 26 61
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+48 501 374 416

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Łużycka 10
81-537 Gdynia