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SECO/WARWICK is a technological leader in innovative heat processing solutions. Expertise includes end-to-end solutions in 5 categories: vacuum heat treatment, atmosphere and aluminum thermal processing, controlled atmosphere brazing of aluminum heat exchangers and vacuum metallurgy.

SECO/WARWICK Group has 11 companies located on three continents with customers in nearly 70 countries. The company provides standard or customized state-of-the-art heat processing equipment and technologies to leading companies in the following industries: automotive, aerospace, electronics, tooling, medical, recycling, energy including nuclear, wind, oil, gas, and solar and production of steel, titanium and aluminum.

SECO/WARWICK: Invention Meets Reliability.

- many years of activity on the world\'s most important metallurgical markets
- equipment with modern technology,
- technology tailored to the needs, capabilities and assumptions,
- efficient logistics,
- delivery, assembly and commissioning of equipment,
- service in every corner of the world,
- technical and technological training
- An international team of experts and professionals.

Contact details

Katarzyna Sawka
SECO/WARWICK Group Marketing Director

0048 68 3820 512
0048 68 3820 555
+48 512 811 648

0048 68 38 20 500
0048 68 38 20 555

Company address
8 Sobieskiego Str.
66-200 Swiebodzin