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The SERTOP company is one of the leading manufacturers of processed cheese in Poland.

The company has more than 50 years experience in production of high quality products based on tested recipes while keeping strict quality control. In the production process there are used only natural ingredients, no preservatives and no artificial food coloring.
The Sertop’s offer includes more than 20 flavors of processed cheese of different weight and shape: i.a. round cake 140g and 280g, rectangle cake 30g and 100 g, blocks 100g and sausages 100g.
The Sertop company meets all requirements regarding sale of processed cheese both on Polish and international markets. Sertop sells its products in Poland, in the EU, the US, Canada, the Middle East and South Korea.
The company was given BRC Global Standard Certificate and IFS (International Food Standard) Certificate.

Contact details

Marek Maciejewski
Sales Director

0048 32 217 08 38
0048 32 326 46 41
+48 693 822 601

Company address
Przemysłowa 58
43-100 Tychy