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The Glasini Company - Artistic glass manufacturer was established in 1993. We are a private company headquartered á Chorzów. We specialize in the design and manufacture of artistic glass products by Glasini innovative method consisting of a heat treatment of the glass. The workshop can boast of highly qualified and experienced management, which ensures high quality and uniqueness of our products. All objects are manually executed according to the models provided by customers or as projects by our artists according to the specific orders of the recipients.
Our technology is based on the modern method of heat melting glass, which allows achieving original and unique form of products. The raw material of manufacture is clear or colored glass without any additional component. We only use glasses tested in terms of sealability. Self melting is carried out in special ovens with computer controling the melting and cooling process, which guarantees durability. Melted glass can also be subjected to further treatment grinding, sanding, digestion, cutting or gluing. Treated glass is not painted or glued, it is melted colored glass. Perfect cuts, as well as the ability to bend glass allow our products take the form of flat or spatial using the full range of colors.

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Radosław Piekarczyk

0048 32 348 20 20

+48 519197514

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Kościuszki 33
41-500 Chorzów