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Company SZYBAS over 20 years is the leading manufacturer of mechanical security passive in Poland. We maintain the highest standards of production, safety and customer service.
By using modern machines and equipment we maintain the quality of our products at the highest level at competitive prices .
Our products are appreciated by customers both native and foreign customers .
The range of products we produce include safes ranging from low classes as S1 class XI.

Our products provide the highest standards of security for stored values ​​of cash , securities , documents, jewelry , etc. By observing the security market and acquired knowledge constantly modernize our products so that our products conform to the highest world standards. This policy provides the possibility of a permanent widening of the offer and allows us to quickly propose to customers the optimal solution with regard to possible future needs and expectations. We provide fast processing time of orders and timely delivery. Our products are certified by the Institute of Precision Mechanics in Warsaw. we also have ISO 9001 certification .
Every customer is treated individually and we try to live up to his expectations . We are open to all suggestions , also performing non-standard products .

Contact details

Wojciech Kowalewski
Sales and Marketing Manager

0048 86 218 56 59
0048 86 218 12 93
+48 602 198 198

Company address
ul. Poznańska 148
18-400 Łomża