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Universal Express offers complex customs and shipping services for exhibition and trade shipping. It is the only Polish company that is a member of IELA – International Exhibition Logistics Associates – an international association of exhibition and event shipping companies. Universal Express is also a member of the Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry, Warsaw Exhibition Corporation, FIATA - International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations and IATA- International Air Transport Association.
Universal Express offers full professional handling of customs and logistics services for exhibition and event shipping. It also specializes in the organization of air, sea and land transport for export and import activities. The company has its own customs agency at the Cargo Airport in Warsaw. It has offices in Pruszków, Kraków, Poznań and Wrocław – with a total storage area of 12500 m2.
Universal Express is an independent Polish provider of international logistic solutions, with over 20 years on the Polish market.
Among other associations it is a member of: Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry (www.polfair.pl), Polish International Freight Forwarders Association (www.pisil.pl), IATA - International Air Transport Association (www.iata.org), FIATA - International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (www.fiata.com ). It is also the only Polish company that is a member of IELA (www.iela.org) – an international organization, that brings together shipping companies in the exhibition and event sector from all over the world.

Contact details

Marzena Zawadzka-Szulc
General Director

0048 22 878 3566
0048 22 878 3501


Magdalena Drewek
Event Manager

0048 22 878 3565
0048 22 878 3501


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ul. Szyszkowa 35/37
02-285 Warszawa